The Right Cat Food For A Diabetic Cat

diabetic cats

When a cat has diabetes it’s body becomes less sensitive to insulin; a hormone that regulates blood sugar, the amount of sugar in the bloodstream increases and eventually reaches a level where it starts to be eliminated in the urine and that’s when we see the following symptoms.

Symptoms of a diabetic cat
Increased or frequent Urination
Increased thirst
Increased Hunger
Lethargy and fatigue
How do I choose a diet for my diabetic cat?
Well, remember cats are strict carnivorous animals thus we need to look for a high protein and low carb cat food, dry cat food is totally out of the question cos they’re rich in carbohydrates and high in plant-based proteins, bacterial and fungal mycotoxin contamination, and are extremely cooked which destroys nutrients during the food processing. If you’re currently feeding your cat dry cat food I recommend you transition to canned cat food, read how to transition from dry to canned cat food. Feeding your cat 35 to 50% carbohydrate is pretty much setting yourself up for failure, start looking into or may be cooking or preparing a homemade cat food. Diabetic cats cant produce the insulin they need to utilize the glucose so if you feed a meal and couple it with an insulin injection, you’ll definitely achieve better.
In summary, looking for a healthy cat food for your furry friend could be a difficult task let alone when your cat is diagnosed of diabetes, one way to help your cat reach a more healthy and stabilized life is to feed a cat food that is low in carb, that has less than 10% calories, and lastly, avoid grain.

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