Cat’s Food You Should Never Feed Your Feline

Cat food

When it comes to feeding your cat you need to be extremely careful as regards the kind, and the quality of cat food you’re giving your feline. Cats are not like us who can do well as vegetarians or meat-eaters. It all narrows down to choosing a healthy cat food for your furry. Without wasting time I’ll offer you the list of food you should never ever feed your cat.

Grain: Grains are not digestible  or good for our cats, grains are high in carbohydrates, on the other hand, will increase your cat’s insulin levels and interfere with it’s ability to burn fat.

Onion: Onions contain sulfoxides and disulfides, which may lead to the destruction of red blood cells and anemia, both uncooked and cooked onions are toxic to cats.

Uncooked eggs: Contains an enzyme known as avidin, which reduces the assimilation of biotin (a B vitamin). This can cause skin and hair coat issues. uncooked eggs could also contain salmonella. Salmonella can also be transmitted to humans from animals

Sugary foods: sweet foods are not good for cats in any respect, this can lead to overweight, dental problems, and no doubt diabetes mellitus.

Milk: Some adult cats may develop diarrhea if given massive amounts of farm products.

Raw Fish: raw fish contains a compound that breaks down thiamine, a necessary B1 vitamin for cats that, when missing, can cause serious neurologic issues in your cat

Tuna:  A diet rich in tuna will not only cause mercury poisoning in your cat (just like people) but also can leave them malnourished because it doesn’t contain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals your cat desires.

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