How Much Calories Should I Feed My Cat?

how much calories should I feed my cat Hey, today I’ll try as much as I can to answer a common question which I usually get in my email and some forums about “how much calories should I feed my cat?”, though this is not a question that requires an easy answer that will fit every cat with different metabolism, lifestyle, activity level and it certainly doesn’t fit every cat food, so it is not something one could give an easy answer to, thus I’m going to go with the basics in order to make it easier for you to figure out. I’ll make it as short as possible.
How much calories should I feed my cat?
Some authorities recommend about thirty calories per pound of body weight, with that formula you will get about 240 calories per day for an average 8 pound cat.
An average healthy cat should be around 10 to 12 pound. The manufacturers don’t provide that information, it is not published on their website, it’s not published on the can. If you really want to get the direct information from the manufacturer of a particular cat food, then you’ll have to give them a call, their contact details are usually at the back of their product.
Weigh your cat every 2 to 4 weeks, put him on a scale or you can take him to your vet to see if they’ll let you use the scale they have at their veterinary office, and see if they are gaining or loosing weight.

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