Quick Homemade Raw Cat Food

quick homemade cat food
Today I’m gonna take you to the kitchen and show you how to make an awesome quick homemade raw cat food for your cat. Why would we want to feed our cat raw food? Simple, it is what they eat naturally, cats in the wild don’t sit over a stove and wait for their food to get cooked before they start eating, they kill their prey and eat the whole thing raw, that diet provides them with all they need, without all the extra junk thrown into some commercial foods.
Lets get started……..There are many companies that make raw food kits, we are gonna use “Feline Pride Do It Yourself Feeding Kit” which contains Bone meal, so you don’t have to grind bones.quick homemade cat food
We are using five pounds of Chicken thighs, cats have a short acidic intestinal tracts, so they are not nearly as affected by bacteria as humans are. In order to be extra safe we gonna bake the meat in an oven to kill all the bacteria.
While the meat is still in the oven, we gonna make use of the food kit, it contains all the necessary supplements, it comes with a powder mix and capsules.
Pour the powder into a bowl, add a little amount of water as u stir.
Add one egg yoke to the mixture for one pound of meat, the exact instructions are included in the kit.
By now the chicken should be ready, what you should look for is that the surface is cooked and the middle is still raw.
Place the cooked chicken inside a cold water to prevent it from cooking further. Cut a little amount of the chicken and keep the little amount of the meat chunk in a separate bowl, then put the rest into a meat grinder, If you don’t have a meat grinder you can make use of a high quality food processor, check the manual before making use of your food processor to know if it can serve.
Once the meat is properly ground then mix it¬†thoroughly with the supplement mixture from the “Do it your Self” Kit and pour the chunks of meat and stir.
We are done!!  Your quick homemade raw cat food is ready to be served, simply dish out your homemade cat food into sizable portions and serve or refrigerate.

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