The Amount Of Protein A Cat Should Take

The Amount Of Protein A Cat Should TakeProteins are an essential part of a cat’s food. Proteins release the materials for building the muscle and tissue repair. Proteins are also a great source of energy.
They can be differentiated based on their amino acid content; animal based protein, diary protein and plant based protein.
Meat proteins are not exactly the same as diary protein and plant based proteins, arginine is a very important source of amino acid, that plays a vital part in cell division, wound healing, removal of ammonia from the body, and release of hormones, cats cannot naturally synthesize arginine though it can be obtained from their diet.
Protein gotten from animals contains a  complete amino acid. Taurine deficiency could lead to blindness, reproductive and cardiovascular problems.
Usually people ask “what is the amount of protein a cat should take?”
Dry cat food are deeply processed and are subjected to high temperature for a long period of time causing a change and damage to some nutrients
Cats are obligate carnivores and are far different from dogs when it comes to nutrition. Cats are more nutritionally satisfied by consuming a sizable quantity of animal based protein and their little needs are met from plant based protein(vegetables).
In summary, the amount of protein a cat should take depends on some certain conditions. kittens require about 30 to 40 percent protein to grow and develop  strong tissues and muscles.
As for adult cats their is no specific scale or percentage of protein that an adult cat should take, therefore, one should focus on giving his cat a good quality cat food that is mainly animal based.
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